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Spain loses 90% of its citrus exports to China.

During the COVID19 pandemic, Spain exported 90% less citrus to China. The high prices in Europe have encouraged producers to only supply the German, French, Swiss, etc. markets.

Many producers have shied the risk of sending goods to Asia by sea and running the risk that these reefers will not be unloaded.

A decision with consequences, because the new harvest 2020 is more voluminous and absolutely needs these asian markets.

What does that show us?

Our dependence on normal industry and dry containers in logistics processes and the lack of a local presence in the markets will make it difficult for spanish exporters to return to normal supply.

But everyone has to learn from the experiences of the pandemic and our concepts in global fruit trade have to change to more presence in markets, local production, enough coldstorage and hinterland logistic in destinations and more individual logisticsolutions.

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